Adventures in Native Plant Spirit Medicine

Sun 2nd May 2021, 5pm – Sun 23rd May 2021, 7pm UK time

In association with The Psychedelic Society,  Adventures with Native Plant Spirit Medicines is a multi-dimensional shamanic experience. In this course, you will learn how to be a plant spirit shaman by developing your ability to hear the voices of plant spirits, and learning how to deeply apply their wisdom into your life.

This course will help you open your third eye and ears to the messages of our plant spirit medicines that surround us. We do not need to go to the jungle to discover the message that the web of nature has for us – nature wisdom is everywhere – breaking through the cracks in the pavement! 

We can all learn how to tap into our own shamanic abilities, using ancient shamanic techniques, and some modern scientific ones too, that Sorrell has learnt from Shamans and Scientists across the globe. We all have the power to perceive the messages from the natural matrix we are born into, and over 4 weeks we will learn how.

In each week of our 4-week sessions, we will work with one native European plant spirit medicine. We will begin by sharing a cup of ceremonial tea together. This tea will be posted to you prior to the session so you are prepared, from Sorrell’s own organic herbal medicine clinic (UK only for posting).

Sorrell will guide you through the physical properties of the herb while explaining its origins. Then we take you on a shamanic journey to meet the plant spirit – we work using Sorrell’s collection of Planetary Gongs and Shamanic Drums to guide you into a psychedelic trance state, and during your shamanic journey you may ask for healing or wisdom, or request this plant to become an ally. Our journey together will be followed by a sharing circle to integrate our experiences. 

After each session Sorrell offers suggestions on how you can continue the practice with the individual plants, and also expand the practice to include new plants, should you wish to continue awakening your spiritual connection to the plant world. 

Your Spirit Plants

Week 1 – We AWAKEN ourselves – Journey with Rosemary
Week 2 – We CLEANSE ourselves – Journey with Pot Marigold 
Week 3 – We PROTECT ourselves – Journey with Nettle
Week 4 – We RELEASE ourselves – Journey with Lemon Balm

Course Philosphy

The plant people are 500 million years old, and we as humans in our current form are only about 200 thousand years old. We are their great-great-grandchild and they want to help us evolve and adapt as they have learned, to continue humanity’s journey as part of this beautiful earth family. Every plant has a message to share, and if you can learn how to listen, as the shamans, you can hear their messages too.

It’s not just strong psychedelics that contain spiritual gifts, voices and powers of healing and transformation. Sorrell teaches shamanic exercises and uses drums and gongs, songs and rattles to take you deep into trance states that will enable you to hear the voices of nature like never before, to tune into knowing their gifts and how to work with them (not just use them – but assist and be assisted by them in a dynamic healing relationship).

These psychedelic shamanic journeys will help you create a new way of seeing reality that will leave you feeling in love with the plants around you and feeling their love for you deeply in the cells of your being. Plus you get to drink delicious teas and try new experiences with a collective of people who will share your passion for plant spirit medicine!

This Course helps you to:

  • Re-awaken the shamanic senses you were born with.
  • Enhance your abilities to communicate with plant spirits, by learning to listen.
  • Create a new intentional dynamic relationship with the natural world around you.
  • Connect with like-minded people and support each other along the journey.

Our shamanic time together will be held safely and sacredly – all participants will have a chance to share and express their experiences, and to ask questions about anything Sorrell can assist with on this path to re-awakening our natural connection to plant spirit medicine.

What you need:

  • Internet connection.
  • Pen & paper or sketch pad and colouring tools.
  • A comfortable, quiet place to relax during our journeys together.
  • The ability to make a cup of tea – cup, tea strainer and kettle or similar.
  • No experience necessary – just an open heart to new experiences.

Your Shaman – Sorrell Robbins

About Sorrell

Sorrell’s journey into plant spirit medicine began as a child because like many of us as children, she identified with the natural plant world as real beings who could communicate with you!

Plants, mushrooms, trees, stones were all her friends. And now Sorrell can explain this potential diagnosis of madness with shamanism and science!

She has over 25 years of experience in natural health with professional qualifications in Herbal Medicine, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage, and Advanced Reiki.

Her Shamanic practice also began more than 20 years ago, with many years of training and continued mentorship with Indigenous Shamans from Peru, Ecuador, Medicine people from North America, Pagans, Druids, Plant Spirit Medicine Healers, it is her joy to share these wonderful ancient healing techniques and supporting others in their quest for a personal connection to spirit with all who are open to receiving this universal wisdom. 

Sorrell has also been a teacher of natural health, from beginner to advanced post-graduate for over 22 years. Her clients include the Low-impact Living Initiative, The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Learn-Direct, The Shoreditch Spa, and The University of West London. Her life’s work and passion is to connect plants and people, to heal our planet – one heart at a time. 

Rebranding and Rebirthing The Chamomile Clinic

We have been busy rebranding and creating the new website I wish to introduce you to today.

The long serving Chamomile Clinic brand was created over 15 years ago, when I moved home, broke up from a business partnership and returned to my roots in London.

Nothing as dramatic is occurring this time, for me anyway, I am happy here in Margate. I have simply made so many changes to the way I practice over the past 15 years it is time to change to reflect the practice I offer today.

So I welcome you - to the new brand, new website, and a few new offerings to entice you to connect and explore the healing mama nature and spirit has to offer.