Plant Spirit Medicine Day Retreat

Saturday 17th July


A Day of Spiritual Connection in Nature, held in a private garden, filled with medicinal and wild herbs.

Led by an experienced Medical herbalist and Shamanic Healer.

 Experience a healing Cacao Ceremony, learn the art of shamanic journeying and how to work with your plant spirit allies.

 Enjoy a lunch prepared from foraged wild edible herbs and flowers.

 Spend a bliss filled summers day with like minded folks, connecting our awareness with the spirits of nature and bathing in the healing energies of a private walled medicine garden!

Plant Spirit Medicine

We meet in a beautiful, walled garden at the edges of Margate and Broadstairs in Thanet, Kent. With the intention of tuning into the spiritual teachers of nature with the assistance of Sorrell and Mama cacao.

Using ancient shamanic techniques, meditation and ceremony, Sorrell, Mama Cacao and the spirits of the Garden will assist your journey deep into the healing plant spirit world.

Following our morning cacao Ceremony, Sorrell will lead us around the garden on a herb walk to introduce you to the medicines that surround us. We will reacquaint ourselves with our plant relatives with a new shamanic perspective. Sorrell will teach Inca and Native American Shamanic healing methods which heal our hearts and minds, leaving behind anxiety and depression, empowering us to step into our bliss, joy & self-love.

Each of us will connect with the plant spirit of nature and mama cacao deeply for our transformation.

Sorrell will also be guiding us through the process of creating our own flower essence to take away with us, by the end of your day you will have connected with your own plant spirit ally, and you will know the sacred art of creating energy medicines from plants. You will become a plant spirit medicine person!

Secure your Space

Limited to 20 participants. No previous experience necessary.

Plant Spirit Medicine Day Retreat: Experience the gentle healing power of Cacao Ceremony, connect deeply with Mother nature and the plant spirit world with Sorrell’s shamanic guidance. Share in the abundance of nature and be nurtured with a foraged vegan lunch.  This day  transformation and healing.

Everything included!

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is a powerful plant spirit medicine healer, there is a really good reason why we all love Chocolate! Cacao Ceremony is a method of using Cacao to support our healing and access parts of our consciousness we may have lost connection to, especially our heart chakra, and third eye. Cacao helps us to feel others, not just people, but other vibrational beings too like plant people, or stone people (crystals) can appear more animated and alive.

Nature Bathing

The plant people have been on planet Earth for 450 million years, they are a lot older than us (we humans are currently only 300,000 years old). They see us as their grandchildren, a bit confused, struggling to grow up and needing a lot of love and support to become all we were meant to be and to walk in beauty with all our relations on Earth.

Whilst Nature bathing in our private walled medicine garden, as we rest and meditate, we allow our ability to see the unseen to unfold, and to experience the magic of the plants, and to feel the connection between us all as children of our Great Mother Earth.

Sorrell will guide you on a nature bathing experience to help you connect and heal. May you walk in Beauty!

Healing with Flower Essences

We will guide you through the magical process and art of creating flower essence energy medicines.

You will be able to take away your flower essence medicine and use it to continue to enhance your plant spirit medicine abilities and healing experience.

These skills are adaptable and you can use them to make more energy essences in future should you enjoy the practice.

There is nothing left to do, just let yourself be healed by Mother nature, she will nurture you and bring you gifts of healing in abundance!


We will hold sacred space for our transformational day retreat at: The Garden Gate Project, Northdown Park Road, Margate CT9 3TP

Our venue is also a teaching and healing centre and has running water and toilet facilities.


 10.00 Welcome & setting our intentions for healing

10.30 Cacao Ceremony, a gentle healing ceremony, to awaken your heart chakra and third eye for a magical healing experience and to aid your communication with the plant spirits.

12.00 Guided Herb Walk a chance to experience the garden in a an altered state of consciousness with shamanic guidance from Sorrell. A deeply healing experience where you will meet and connect to a plant spirit ally.

12.30 Making Flower essences, Sorrell teaches the art of how to make energy medicines from nature. We begin the ritual practice.

13.15 Vegan Lunch – Let food be thy medicine! Sorrell will created a plant based foraged menu for healing and balancing the 5 elements within all of us.

14.00 Connecting and Healing with Plant Spirit Allies – We will also use shamanic techniques including meditation, guided journeying, and singing and connect with our plant spirit allies.

15.30 Flower essence bottling – we complete our flower essence making ritual, preparing them for use as consciousness medicine.

16:00 Closing circle and farewell till next time…Follow the path to walk in beauty with all our relations! 

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman- Sorrell Robbins

Sorrell is a Modern Medicine Woman, with qualifications in Herbal medicine BSc(Hons), Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing, a Cacao ceremony leader and also a Shamanic Healer for over 20 years.

Sorrell has been working with plant spirit medicine for over 20 years and has trained with Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia and Europe, plus Romany Gypsy shamans, Ecuadorian and Peruvian shamans, Native American Medicine women, British shamans and Wicca witches, but her best teachers were the plant people!

During this day of plant spirit medicine making and transformative healing she will share her secret method of communicating with plants, teach you how to listen to plants and how to access their healing gifts.

This is not just a single day of self-healing, spiritual awakening, and transformation, this medicine can help your entire life blossom exponentially!