‘Lava Love’ Guatemalan 100% Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao


This new stock of Lava Love Cacao has been on a very special journey for us - we sailed it all the way from South America to our UK shores, collecting it at Ramsgate Harbour! We couldn’t get much - as the boat was already packed - but we so excited to be sharing this limited edition divine cacao with you.

It comes in large blocks 454g (a pound in old weight). These are solid blocks of delicious pure cacao, smooth and bitter, a really pure taste and texture. This cacao is great for working with as a base to add other herbs like vanilla, rose, cardamon or orange, or for the experimental the cacaoista looking for a new buzz. My favourite trick is to add 1-2 drops of organic orange essential oil to the pure cacao brew, maybe a little honey to sweeten it.

My spiritual experience with this cacao when working with it ceremonially - it helps to open the heart chakra with grace and ease, encouraging feelings of love to flow - like lava! Self love and love for others is nourished, and a gentle softening of muscles occurs, encouraging our letting go of physical tension holding is back from experiencing joy and bliss. This cacao feels deep and strong, but a little heavier in flavour - so good to mix up with other cacaos for a lighter taste, or flavours such as orange, cardamon, vanilla or rose. 

Individual blocks of 454g are £50.00 each, smaller portions are available 200g for £25.00

Invitations of use: 20 – 42g per person.

Whisk with hot water or nut milk.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans