Yoga, Breathwork & Gong Meditation


100 minutes of bliss! An evening of Gentle Yoga, Breathwork, and Gong meditation.

Led by an experienced Shamanic Healer and Yoga Teacher.

Come to relax, unwind, and experience deep healing and inner connection.

Every Thursday night in Margate – held in the Smith’s Court Orangery – with beautiful Sea views.

100 minutes for £20

Everyone welcome!

Experience the bliss state! Join us for 100 minutes of Gentle Yoga, Breathwork, and Gong meditation to ease you into a state of deep physical and emotional relaxation and elevate you to spiritual bliss. All for just £20.

Every Thursday night in Margate - held in the Smith's Court Orangery - with beautiful Sea views.

Doors open at 7.15pm and our journey begins at 7.20pm and will finish by 9pm.

The first half of the evening will include a Gentle Yoga sequence and calming Breathwork practice to heighten your inner senses and calm the mind, followed by a blissful Gong meditation for deep healing and relaxation.

For those who would like to make an evening of it, the bar & restaurant at the venue is open before and after our evening event for those wishing to eat, drink, socialise and really relax in the space.
This venue and their staff are so welcoming, we are 100% certain you will have a divine time!

No previous experience is necessary, but for those with plenty of experience - we also promise to delight you with new experiences to entertain and enliven your mind, body, and soul!

Blankets and comfy clothes are encouraged!
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  • Encourage creativity, intuition, and focus.
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