With Sorrell Robbins

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman ⋅ Medical Herbalist ⋅ Cacaoista ⋅ Hypnotherapist ⋅ Reiki ⋅ Shamanic Healer ⋅ Teacher


Reiki is the Japanese word for “universal Life Force”. It is a natural energy renewal technique. It involves the channeling of pure energy via the hands of a qualified practitioner to the recipient. 

Reiki can also be experienced remotely – using a ‘proxy’, the energy is sent direct to the client at a different location.

Reiki promotes healing on all levels, enhances our own energy, promotes inner calm, relieves stress, tension and enhance our own self healing processes.

Reiki is often experienced as a feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation though the hands of the practitioner and the recipient is almost always aware of this pleasant sensation too.

During a treatment the recipient remains fully clothed while they rest comfortably and the practitioner places their hands over various appropriate positions around the clients body.

Each session lasts one hour. Sorrell offers the experience as a pure reiki session, or shamanic mentoring can also be included within the hour healing session for no extra cost, this is a simple practice of talking whilst receiving your healing and Sorrell sharing shamanic wisdom that may be of assistance on your personal healing journey.


Financial Investment

60 Minute Treatment – £60

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  • Improve your connection to spirit and nature.
  • Deepen your meditation practice, experience higher states of consciousness.
  • Encourage brain plasticity, improve memory, vision and mental wellness.
  • Alleviate depression & anxiety, working towards a calmer state of mind.
  • Encourage creativity, intuition, and focus.
  • Develop empathy and receptivity to new ideas.
  • Overcome addictions, old patterns and habits – find new ways of thinking.
  • Potential to alleviate symptoms of neurodegenerative disease such as parkinsons.
  • Potential to alleviate symptoms of PTSD and OCD where the brain needs to develop new ways of thinking and break free from old looping thoughts.