Sacred Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies

With Sorrell Robbins

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman ⋅ Medical Herbalist ⋅ Cacaoista ⋅ Hypnotherapist ⋅ Reiki ⋅ Shamanic Healer ⋅ Teacher

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About our Sacred Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies

Sorrell’s ceremonies are held in a traditional shamanic style following the teachings she has gained through her 25 years in training with Herbalists and Shamans from across the globe in the art and science of Medical Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

Cacao ceremony offers us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our selves, open our heart to refuel with love, to rest, to heal. In our guided shamanic plant spirit ceremonies we enhance our experience and strengthen our intentions together using Cacao as a plant medicine and we vision quest together in a divine healing space that encourages relaxation on a deep level.  Cacao can be used as a medicine for personal or spiritual development and to improve physical health too.

Sorrell offers her expert guidance in leading us through the healing visions we receive when in ceremony with Cacao. And provides a safe space for individual as well as group healing within the setting of our sacred space both online and at the Chamomile Clinic in Margate where we host small groups and other suitable venues for larger groups.

Individual Sacred Cacao Ceremony

One to one sacred cacao ceremony with Sorrell, a  Shamanic practitioner for over 25 years, providing the deepest most personal healing ceremony. In this highly personalised session Sorrell uses shamanic healing methods that are intentionally chosen for your healing during ceremony, created just for your healing alone.

Online Sacred Cacao Ceremony

A monthly online offering. A two hour ceremony for everyone – pay what you can afford! We come together healing and visionary gift of Cacao & Shamanic Drumming, Gong & Song in Ceremony. I guide you on a shamanic journey, and together as one we travel into the realm of spiritual bliss, we vision, we heal and become whole again. Intentions for each ceremony can be personal, or you can join our group intention themed by Sorrell each month. 

Couples Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is known for very good reason as a sacred herb of connection and love. It clears the way for love to flow, opens the heart chakra, and fills us with wonderful aphrodisiac happy hormones. Cacao ceremony is a wonderful way to get into the mood for love, and create a magical date to remember!

Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony

This amazing plant teacher assists us in relaxing deeply, feeling safe, and opening our hearts to each other and in ceremony this brings a wonderful sense of communion with others.

Ceremonial Cacao

Pure Ceremonial Cacao is a strong medicine for the heart both physically with its high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; and for the emotional and spiritual aspects of the heart too. It helps us to open our heart chakra, and connect with other people through their heart centre too.

Cacao ceremony offers us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our heart centre, to feel ourselves, to rest, to heal. To connect with others in a divine healing space that encourages relaxation on a deep level.

We crave chocolate for more than just its flavour! We crave it for the healing it brings to us, the stimulation and opening of our hearts, the softening of our muscles, the relaxation and clarity of mind.

Cacao brings long lasting healing for the mind, body and soul


Medical Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist & Shamanic Healer, Teacher & Therapist since

My original training was in Western Herbal Medicine, trained by doctors in a very western medical approach on how to use herbs to heal disease of the mind and body. We were not allowed to mention the spirit or discuss energy as Universities are not allowed to speak of ‘energy’ in science degrees. This very formal education allowed me to be very clear that herbs worked in a scientific way, but there was something more to the healing powers of plants so I started to investigate shamanic approaches to plant spirit medicine.  I was first introduced to Cacao ceremony through Rebekah Shaman and Brooke Medicine Eagle in Ceremony at the sacred circle in Avebury (also the heart chakra of Mother Earth), and this experience took my understanding of plant spirit medicine to a totally new level!

Cacao showed me that day what an amazing plant teacher and healer she is, and I knew I wanted to share this medicine with the whole world! On a physical level she is able to relax and heal the body with a huge dose of antioxidants and antispasmodic properties, minerals such as potassium and magnesium. While you relax and heal, Cacao’s emotional/spiritual visions, brought on by closing your eyes and intentionally meditating on issues while in ceremony, bring answers to questions you may have about what to do with your life, or how to shift your situation in a very practical way. Cacao is a powerful transformational plant spirit medicine, and I am honoured to be able to assist her in ceremony.

This powerful plant medicine is amazingly gentle, blissful, occasionally purging a few tears where there is sorrow to shift to allow space for more love to flow into your heart again immediately. Love is the best healer, the source of our happiness and Cacao gives us this gift of feeling a surge of love in ourselves. Physically Cacao creates an oxytocin rush that feels very blissful, and by drinking her ceremonially she nurtures our hearts spiritually and refuels us, making life much more pleasant an experience because you can feel love from the inside, rather than searching for it in others outside!

Our Cacao ceremonies are held in a safe place for us to come together, relax and reconnect. A healing environment with the support of your fellow Cacao ceremonialists, myself and Cacao as your healers. A time to meditate, we will guide you through the process in a fun, empowering way. A place to share from your heart and search for answers within our reflections.

This is a very new method of working with plants and medicines in the UK, although being a shamanic tool for thousands of years and steeped in tradition and scientific research too. So I welcome any communications, questions, concerns as it is natural to feel skeptical about what may happen and how it may assist your healing. I ask only that you come with an open mind and the Cacao will do the rest.

All welcome, I want you all to feel the LOVE mother nature has to offer you with this amazing plant healer and delicious drink, heal your mind, body and spirit naturally!

Cacao cuddles,

Sorrell Robbins, BSc(Hons), MNIMH, PGCert Ed

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