Shamanic Healing

With Sorrell Robbins

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman ⋅ Medical Herbalist ⋅ Cacaoista ⋅ Hypnotherapist ⋅ Reiki ⋅ Shamanic Healer ⋅ Teacher

Shamanic Healing
with Sorrell Robbins

Shamanic Healing is based on traditional healing techniques used by ancient civilisations across the globe which we believe may have originated over 50,000 years ago and are still practised today in many native cultures as their primary source of medicine and wisdom. 

Infusing Shamanism & Science

Sorrell infuses her scientific knowledge of the mind/body gathered whilst studying for a BSc(Hons) in Herbal Medicine within a scientific context and teaching at Universities, with the esoteric wisdom gathered in training from shamanic teachers. By weaving together the crafts of shamans from across the globe, and making sense of it within her western scientific mind, she is able to create a unique shamanic healing experience for you.

Shamanic Journeying

The art of journeying into the spirit realm, is easier than you may think!

When we go into a trance state, hypnosis, meditation or shamanic journeying – we can open our brains to become more ‘awake’. By tuning out more from our left brain hemisphere – which provides us a constant and convincing dialogue about who, where and what we are, and tuning more into the right brain hemisphere – which has no boundaries and feels everything instinctively, we can begin to see in the shamanic way.

Sorrell assists you as you step into your shamanic journey and guides you when needed to discover your spirit guides and power animals for our healing.


90 minutes – £90

Hollow Bone Healing

Sorrell is a pure channel for spiritual healing energy, she lives a spiritual life, which involves daily meditation, energy cleansing rituals and pure diet, to be the purest channel possible.

She has been initiated in Reiki 1 & 2 as well as the Munay-Ki, a series of nine Empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru.

She offers herself as a channel for your healing and connects to the source of all that is to bring through a flow of love and light to assist the healing of your energy body. She is also able to work remotely – sending energy through the matrix to you using secret shamanic techniques she has been initiated in.


60 minutes – £60

Soul Retrieval

Sorrell is an accomplished soul retriever and has been practising the art for over 25 years. She works in a trance state to find soul parts you have left behind during your life time.

Sometimes parts of our energy body split off when we experience trauma, and Sorrell’s task is to find them and bring them home to you. This can be useful for those who feel disconnected, depressed, or if you feel trapped in the past, unable to recover from a traumatic experience.

Sorrell also teaches people how to do their own soul retrieval which can help you to continue your healing process unassisted.


90 minutes – £90

Fire Ceremony

Sorrell and Grandfather Fire assist you in the process of letting go, in sacred ceremony, to release energies, resentments, addictions, pain, victim consciousness – the list is endless – what or whom do you need to release to feel free?

Let Sorrell hold you in sacred space, and guide you through this ancient ceremony to release that which no longer serves us, and allow Grandfather fire work their magic!


90 minutes – £90

Drum Healing

Sorrell uses a selection of shamanic drums she has birthed herself in the traditional way from Ethically sourced animal skins. 

Drum is considered the oldest musical instrument of all. We all have rhythms flowing within us, biological rhythms of our heart beat, our mind flows in beta waves when conscious and alpha as we go into trance.

The drum assists trance work helping us to meditate and find peace within, and also entrains our internal rhythms to the beat of the shamanic drum creating harmonious and healing vibrations.

The drum can be used as diagnostic tool as well as a healing tool to discover imbalances and restore them to homeostasis where possible, and sometimes guide us to search for healing in other modalities.


60 minutes – £60

Gong Healing

Gong is similar to Drum in its ability to vibrate us into blissful states of consciousness. Gong is a very powerful instrument for healing, and Sorrell considers them her ‘magic wand’. Sorrell works with a selection of Paiste symphonic gongs including:
  • Mercury – the messenger to bring back messages from the spirit realms, and also aids communication in this dimension – releasing blockages in the throat chakra.
  • Sedna – a giant of a gong, she assists our path towards consciousness expansion, and helps us to step into our power – she will help you feel stronger and more beautiful than ever!

  • Neptune – who holds the wisdom of the harmony that is possible on our planet and helps us to open our third eye to see more easily into the spirit realms.

    We work with them individually or together depending on your requirements for healing and consciousness expansion.


    60 minutes – £60

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremony is an ancient practice in native cultures which have used cacao beans as a way to access the spiritual realms whilst still in full connection with this reality.

Unlike Ayahuasca or magic mushrooms you do not loose consciousness of what is real – you simply discover you can see in a new way. With eyes closed we can access connections inside our own minds (and also our connections into the spirt realm) we have not been able to reach before.

Assisted by Sorrell and her drums or gongs we journey to seek healing and conscious expansion. To connect with our source of creativity, and realise our full potential.

Sorrell offers a FREE or donation based ceremony ONLINE for all to attend and discover their own shamanic way of seeing. Please refer to our cacao ceremony page for more details on what is coming up.


2 hours – £120